Profile Error in using Chromium

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Hello techyv,

I have been using chromium for a couple of months now with no issues. However, with no apparent cause, when I launched it yesterday, it gave me this error message:

Your profile can not be used because it is from a newer version of Chromium.

Some features may be unavailable. Please specify a different profile directory or use a newer version of Chromium.

Although my bookmarks, passwords, etc are intact, my most-visited eight sites on the opening page are no longer there, instead replaced by "welcome to chromium" and "chromium themes" sites, which were the default when I first got the program. I tried reinstalling through aptitude (reinstalled with no change to problem) and I tried and failed to hunt down some sort of profile-type file.

Please advice as to what should I do, in order to sort out this thing out.

Thanks in advance.

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Profile Error in using Chromium


Google chrome usually show that warning if you upgrade to the newer version. To fix this error you can do this tips:

Close Google chrome then open Terminal and type this command:
   mv ~/.config/chromium/Default ~/.config/chromium/Backup

Run your Chrome again and see the error has gone. That command above actually rename Chrome folder data left from older installation. To recall your data like bookmarks, password you saved, and preferences setting, type this:

   rm -rf ~/.config/chromium/Default
   cp -R ~/.config/chromium/Backup ~/.config/chromium/Default

Now your Google chrome will be run with no error, and your past data setting won't lost

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