Problems with my monitor or video card?

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Hello everyone! I have a really big problem in my PC. It seems that the screen on the monitor suddenly turns off, without shutting down the PC. I've noticed that it turns off every time, I open applications such as, Warcraft or other games.

I have had professional help with it for a couple of times, but it doesn't take long for the problem to come back again. Some people I have consulted said, that the video card of the PC maybe damaged, while others say the monitor itself is damaged. Does anyone know what this problem really is and how can I fix it?

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Problems with my monitor or video card?


As per my experience, if your monitor is the real problem' you shouldn't be able to see anything, when you turn on your computer. And as I can see through your problem, here are the things I could help you at:

  • 1st of all, if it's the VGA(Video Card) that is broken, you should clearly see the, No Signal status when you turn on your computer. But as per what I've read in your complaint that isn't the problem.
  • 2nd, you should try and see if your power supply for the computer is producing enough power, for your motherboard and VGA. If not it could be the reason, why your computer keeps on freezing, when your trying to play a game or trying to open some files.
  • 3rd, could you show me your computer specifications?

As far as I am concerned my 2nd solution is correct and if its not, I would be happy to produce more solutions to you. And by the way, if your motherboard is broken, you won't be able to open your computer, even to the BIOS mode.

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Problems with my monitor or video card?


If your video card driver is outdated, a driver update can help to solve the problem.

If you had a feeling that overheating is the main cause you can download here the “Everest” software to check the hardware temperature.

Another possible cause is that the thermal paste that is under the CPU fan that transfers heat from the CPU to the heat sink is not enough, re-apply the thermal paste.

You can buy thermal paste to any computer store.

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Problems with my monitor or video card?


It seems that your monitor is having a problem with its resolution. One of the reasons that your monitor turns off every time you open any kind of game is because the game is attempting to run on a screen resolution that your monitor cannot display.Try changing the screen resolution of your monitor. In Windows, Go to Control Panel double click the Display icon, click the “Settings” tab and adjust the screen resolution using the slider.

My tip is that, you need to match up the size of your monitor with proper screen resolution. Set your screen resolution based on the size of your monitor. If your monitor is 14” then use screen resolution of 640×480, for 15” monitor use 800×600, 17” monitor use 1024×768, for 19” use 1280×1024 and for 21” monitor use 1600×1200.

Another possible reason is if you have done any recent hardware changes before you encounter this problem.If the problem continues, reinstall the driver of your video card. If you haven’t installed it yet and still using the default driver of Windows for your video card, I suggest that you install it and try running the game again and see if it fixes the problem.

To check if your video card is not functioning correctly swap the video card to another computer then run the same game, if still the same, then you have a problem with your video/graphics card.If the above solutions are still not working then your video card is failing.

Another solution is to connect your monitor on the default video card of you computer or the “built-in video card”. Install the driver for the built-in video card using the Windows installation CD. If it does not install the driver then you have to repair your Windows by booting up the installation CD and then choosing the repair option. This will install the required driver. You can still play games even if you use the built-in video card of your computer.

Some other tip: Check if the cooling fan is working correctly; keep it dust free. Your video card might be over heating that’s why your monitor turns off unexpectedly.

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