Problems after installing Win7 SP1

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I just updated my system to SP1 and now I have some weird problems.

  1. First problem is that (re)booting my system takes about 5 and sometimes 10 minutes.
  2. The second problem is with the Sound Mixer, it says the Audio Service is not running but it is. However I managed to solve this.
  3. The third problem appears to be a corruption of the build in "Open Command Prompt Here" option. Every time I right click on my desktop or inside a folder I see this weird context menu item "CMD". If I select it I'm getting a "This file does not have a program associated with for performing this action" error.

This happens on my desktop PC while on my laptop everything works fine. Moreover, I don't even use that build in option, I use CMD open and right now it's not working anymore and reinstalling it didn't solve the problem. Also if I SHIFT + Right Click to activate the option it does not work. Now the problem gets weird. If I right click on a folder (NOT inside it) the "CMD" option is gone, CMD open works just fine and SHIFT +Right Click works fine. Searching for a solution I stumbled over this.

I tried the solution provided and I noticed that deleting the CMD RegKey in HKCRDirectoryshell disabled the build in option but the "CMD" item was still there. Except the fact that it looks horrible and not working, not even other programs/reg infiltration to enable CMD in context menu don't work. I badly need an advice please.

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Problems after installing Win7 SP1


Hey Israel,

How are you? I have understood your problem. Many people have faced this common problem. You just be relaxed, and follow my solution for this. My first suggestion to you to run System Restore process. As you are not having this problem right from after installing Windows 7. So, you try system restore first.

If don’t know how to system restore, follow these steps:

  • Restart computer and open the OS in safe mode.
  • A dialogue box appears select option no.
  • Another bigger dialogue box will come, select next.
  • Could you see a few of bold dates in calendar? Bold dates are your restore points.
  • Choose a restore point when you were not having this problem.
  • Select next. The system restore process will run now.
  • After restore, computer will restart again. Keep cool until desktop comes.
  • A dialogue box of system appears on desktop then. If you see System Restore is not successful, run the process again choosing another restore point.

If system restore process fails again and again, leave this process, you have to repair your system first.

Follow these steps to repair Windows 7:

  • You have to disable firewall, antivirus and all other security programs.
  • Insert your Windows 7 DVD, go to the administrator account.
  • After inserting your Windows 7 DVD, auto play box will come. Click to start Run setup.exe.
  • Choose install now.
  • If you see I want to help make Windows installation better box, choose Go online to get the latest updates for installation option.
  • Let Windows 7 to check now online and to install if there are updates.
  • Select I accept the license terms box and select on Next.
  • Select on the Upgrade option.
  • You will see Windows 7 will start now.
  • After the system restarts finally, see a screen for a moment.
  • Write Windows 7 product key/serial number.
  • Click to choose Use recommended settings.
  • Choose your time zone to set your time and date. Select Next.
  • Choose your computer location for selecting correct network location.
  • Let Windows 7 will to make the desktop to startup now.
  • You can check for missing of any of user files. If yes, just copy them from the C:Windows.old or the hidden/protected operating system C:$INPLACE.~TR and C:WINDOWS.~Q backup folders.
  • Now run Disk Cleanup to clear system files button, and then check up the Files discarded by Windows upgrade, Previous Windows installations and Windows upgrade log files boxes.
  • Finally, activate Windows 7 and turn on your all security programs. Windows 7 has been repaired now.

If Windows 7 repair process doesn’t work, what you have to do is to repair your system registry.  

Follow these steps:

  • Go to  Start->Run. Write CMD and click OK.
  • After getting command prompt, write cd c:windows and press return.
  • Write copy regedit.exe and hit return.
  • Write and hit return. I guess you are in the registry editor now. You select in the menu bar file e and export. Now you have to save the registry by registry.bak.
  • If Registry Editor is opened, go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT exefile shell open command.
    Open the (Default) value in the right side and  for the current value data, and then type: 
    "%1" %*.
    In the right side, put value (default) to exefile.
  • Now you can take Exit from the Registry Editor.

So, try these solutions. Your problem regarding Windows 7 will be surely solved. All the best.

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Problems after installing Win7 SP1


It seems that your system was not upgraded well. Some files in the system have been misplaced. So reinstall your system or recover it and upgrade it. It is very important to notice that the method you use, to upgrade the system is very important. If you are using Internet to do this confirm that the Internet connection did not break down.

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