Problem scanning in HP C7280.

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Hello guys

I make an attempt to scan with Solution center to HP C7280. All are present on Windows 7 operating system virtual engine on an iMac. Without a problem I am able to print as well as copy with HP Solution Center but I receive an error message while trying to scan with another computer or software.

Tried to reboot, reinstall Solution Center, try to remove printer from iMac etc. When printer is connected via wireless it pops up an initial error message saying that it is not the same network and when it is installed in the Windows environment it proceed neglecting that error, all functioning except scanning. 

Does the HP C7280 has a defect or is it the software? Any suggestions to solve this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


The scan cannot be performed because another program or computer is using the networked HP imaging device.Try again later.

Hide extended error information.4,[(0,400,80004005),(2,33,80040013),(3,33,0)]

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Problem scanning in HP C7280.


I got confused with your post. I think your device is connected or is networked between two [2] different computers that are also using two [2] different operating systems.

If I am right, the only problem now is which of the computers is having a problem on using the device. As what was clearly stated in the image of the dialog box you posted, the device is currently networked between different computers and is currently being used by the other computer that’s why you are unable to use the scanner on your current machine.

Check first the other computer if the device is still active there. If it is then close the application there to disconnect the device then start scanning again.

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