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I watch movies in my computer many hours per day.

But recently there was a problem with some movies that I cannot play and for another movie I can only hear the sound.

So please anyone tell me what is the problem (is it in the movies or my computer) and how to fix.

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'Movies' come in different formats which can be distinguished by looking at the extension of the files.

The more common ones around are .avi, .mp4, .mov, .mpg among others.

To be able to properly open and play these files, your system needs to have the right video codecs and video player installed.

Most likely the movie player you are using is missing the necessary codecs to play your movie or it may not support the video format being utilized by the movie.

To rectify this, you need to make sure you have the required codecs in your machine and that your player supports the format. Or you could switch to a movie/multimedia player that supports most of the video formats.

You can try using VLC player. You can download it here

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Your Media Player don't support the format of your movie or video.

Download Storm Codec or VLC its free.

Try this link

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Actually my friend there are many versions of players and also formats of movie sounds are now available in many categories. so for your problem there is a solution that you can search out that software which is able to play all formats and you can search it from Google.

I have suggestion for you is that you can download a KM player and that player helps you to run all regardless of any format.

When you are going to download it should also be focused that the site of download is also be a good one or authorized one.