Problem occurs when I want to install WinFlash

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A few weeks ago, I got a new Zenbook UX31 and I immediately updated the BIOS to the version 207, which was fine.

I removed all the partitions and did a clean install of Windows 7 x64 from the CD I already own (win 7 ultimate).

Again that is fine, there is no problem. The problem occurs when I want to install WinFlash, which was downloaded from UX31E download page.

The following popup box appears.


Sorry, this program only supports ASUS notebook!


Any idea?


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Problem occurs when I want to install WinFlash


Did you try to download the correct version of BIOS for your Zenbook? If not, then try to download the update from ASUS website. And then, save the downloaded update to your drive C: and restart your computer.

Upon boot up, press the F2 function key to launch the BIOS setup. Select the Advanced option and then launch the Easy Flash. The update will start the installation process. Follow the on screen instructions. Your BIOS will be updated to version 207.

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Problem occurs when I want to install WinFlash


Hello Deborah,

The first thing you will need to do when you want to upgrade your BIOS to the latest version is to do it the safe way. It is very easy to brick your BIOS if you use the WinFlash utility from Asus Support. Use the following procedure:

  • First, you will need to format a USB drive to FAT32 format.
  • And then you will download the new BIOS and unzip it to the USB drive.
  • After that you will remove USB drive after you are sure that the file transfer is complete.
  • And then you will reboot the notebook and while the ASUS logo is on the screen, you will press F2 or del a few times to enter the BIOS setup.
  • After that look for the Easy Flash Utility and then insert the USB drive. You should tell Easy flash where your BIOS file is then follow directions.
  • After the notebook restarts, you will need to enter the BIOS Setup utility again and then choose "Load Optimized Defaults"
  • And then Save and Exit, then continue into Windows.




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