Problem occurs in internet explorer.

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I have a problem in internet explorer. When I want to go to a page the following error occurs.

Internet Explorer Script Error

An error has occurred in the script on this page.

Line: 53

Char: 3

Error: Object required

Code: 0

What is the meaning of this message? How can I solve this? Please help me with valuable information.

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Problem occurs in internet explorer.


Hello Munibul,

I'm here to give you a solution on that error that you've encountered. If your hypertext template files has been damaged, this error will probobaly occur. All you need to do is remove youryour web customization. To be able to do this from a folder, you will open the appropriate folder and on the view menu click customize folder >remove cutomization click next > finish and then close the folder. Next step is remove windows desktop component and reinstall it. This is all you need to do to be able to use internet explorer properly.I'll be glad if you let me know what happened after trying this solution.


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Problem occurs in internet explorer.


Every software has some error messages system to alert the computer operator that there was problems you should understand easily.But if I thought why the error messages occured it quite a matter of research.However,you should write properly the URL on the address bar of Internet that could make your Internet page shown on the monitor without an error message.Sometimes computer memory showed advance it's error messages.Usually when a person done mistakes the error messages can be seen.I think every problems has a solution.But your problem has an extraordinary problems when you have wish.

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Problem occurs in internet explorer.


Hi Mubinul,

The problem like this occurs when there is a problem with the time settings on your computer. Either the date, time or time zone settings are incorrect and you need to adjust them. To adjust the settings, just click on the time identifier in the task bar of your computer.

In the calendar that will show up, click on change time and date settings.

Click on change date and time and then change the settings appropriately, when you are done click save and then OK.

Click on change time zone, and then change the time zone to the one that you are currently in, and then click save.

Your problem should be fixed now.


Lee Hung

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Problem occurs in internet explorer.


Hi  Mubinul,

This error was caused by a script on the page that you were trying to access. It is likely that the script in itself has been coded with errors causing the message, or it could be because of a setting in your internet options that is causing it. If this error comes up in every page that you visit that uses scripts, then it’s most likely your computer’s settings. Try resetting your internet options by opening your browser then going to Tools then click on Internet Options. Go to the Advanced tab and click on Reset under Reset Internet Explorer settings. Click Reset again. Then click Close.

Thank you. Hope this helps.

Clair june

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