Problem with my user ID in Apple and Gmail

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The ID I used for Apple and my Gmail account is the same and that’s what I used in setting up “find my friend.” Upon doing so, what appears is the location where I’m at together with the name of my sister instead of my name. I found this weird coz no one is yet listed as my friend as I haven’t had the time to add any but myself. To rectify the problem, I thought deleting my sister’s name from the list of contact would solve the problem, but nothing happens. Is there someone out there who can take a shot in fixing this problem of mine? Do you have any idea why is this happening?

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Problem with my user ID in Apple and Gmail


Hello Basili,

It seems that your sister may have logged into the gmail account and then chose the option to stayed logged or for her password to be remembered. That is why her name is displayed when you access gmail and  try to login.

The thing that you will have to do is select the option for signing in as a different user, and then choose whether you want to stay logged in or not. If you choose to stay logged in, your password will be remembered so that the next time you want to access your mails you will not need to login into the account again,


Mahesh Babu

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