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When I installed Microsoft Office Enterprise Edition 2007 it is running very nicely, and it had not a single problem but few days running after today I am open a word pre-build document it displays this error that I cannot understand.

Showing in figure in the attachment.
With quick help and regards.

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If you have a failed installation of the software beforehand, it could be the reason for the error message. One solution would be to uninstall the software completely then re-install it.

Be sure to remove all the components of the software. You can download another software to be sure that all the components of the Office is deleted.

After you have uninstalled it reboot the computer and use the installation CD. Make sure you follow the steps carefully and avoid terminating an installation and restarting a new one.

You can also go to Safe Mode to remove the installed software before reinstalling it.

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It seems to me that you have already installed another previous version of the MS Office and the new installation is not properly completed. I suggest you to uninstall all versions and make a fresh installation of the required version so that it may not have any conflict with already installed files.
Hope it helps.