Problem with McAfee SAFE RPCServ.exe caused exception at 7C810A5B

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Please see the attached screenshot image below to see the error message I got. It states there that “A problem has occurred with McAfee SAFE common technology RPCServ.exe caused exception at 7C810A5B.”

If you have any idea what this error is all about and what might be the cause why I am getting this error, please respond. Please help me fix this problem. Your suggestions are very welcome.

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Problem with McAfee SAFE RPCServ.exe caused exception at 7C810A5B

This error normally comes when you have microsoft exchange server 2007 installed on your machine. It is because that whenever the exchange sends message through a hub it uses the proxy ip.
The mcafee detects it to be a wrong ip. it then blocks the ip so whenever it tries to access the ip it fails to do so and so the RPCS error occurs.
There are two possible solution for this First contains the things to manually start the gethubtxdetails and then diagnosing it.
The second one feature a series of steps to manually configures the ip address of hub server.
There is a whole guide for doing these steps. I am giving you the link here. Go there and follow the details stepwise. i recommend using the 1st method but if it fails you can also try the 2nd method too.

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