Problem installing softwares in Windows 7 Enterprise.

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I simply advanced to Windows 7 Enterprise (basically was compelled to do the customized update, in of which not one of the documents or applications are retained, since a standard update is not aided in Vista Home Premium to 7 Enterprise. which was unexpected to me, but in anyways. I just lately had to do a system recover to fix some additional issues anyhow, so setting up over again was no mean feat).

In any case, came out with successful set up, all things seems fine, the product key was confirmed and shows up to be fine to proceed. The issue is that when starting the setup .exe files for a number of the applications I have attempted to set up (Adobe Reader, Skype, Symantec Endpoint Protection, WinRAR, etc.), I get an error prompt which states that the process in question has got "encountered a validation error." I don't quite understand what these means, considering that regardless what choice I pick, the note showed up again with a new Assert offset value.











Skype encountered a validation error

Process name: Skype.exe

Module name: unknown

Assert offset: 3067093A.

Ultimately, following sample of these types of warnings, the software installing will inevitably stopped running and shut down.












Skype has stopped working.

Windows is checking for a solution to the problem…

I didn't get these errors on my Google Chrome and VLC Player. The set up for both of these applications went with no any issues, hence I'm considering that I just have some compatibility complications with the other programs I am attempting to set up. And even though that does not feels likely. At any rate, it is already troublesome, and I would like some help figuring out ways to prevent these prompts. Any support I could get in resolving these will be greatly appreciated.









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Problem installing softwares in Windows 7 Enterprise.


Did you try downloading Skype on the main website? download it, so you have the latest and a compatible version at your new windows. But if you already tried this, you go your control panel, security center, firewall, advance, then restore it to defaults. Check it out.


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Problem installing softwares in Windows 7 Enterprise.



Good day!
I have a hunch that the installer of skype you installed in your Windows 7 enterprise are either corrupted or downloaded incompletely, if google chrome and VLC player were successfully installed then it is not an compatibility issue because skype right now can also be installed in Windows 8 which is the newer version of Windows available in the market. please follow these steps to fix it :
1. Use CCleaner to completely delete all the remaining files that cannot be easily seen (
2. Download Skype again then install (
3. After the download, install.
Hope I have helped you!
Take care!
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Problem installing softwares in Windows 7 Enterprise.


Hello Matthew

Have many techniques you can apply to fix this issue. If you want to know more techniques visit this Techyv post to get more.

Skype validation error encountered on windows 7


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