Problem installing Curse client V4

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Hello, I want to install curse v4 for my system but I cannot. Every time I start the installation process, I get an error on the screen. The screenshot of the error is attached below:


Curse Client
Curse Client v4 was unable to load a file which is required for it to run properly. This is often an indication of a corrupted Curse Client installation.
We recommend re-installing Curse Client v4. Would you like to download the Curse Client v4 installer?

If I click YES on the above message, my system automatically starts reinstalling the program and ends up with the same error. If I press NO, nothing happens on my system and it closes.

I also uninstalled .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.0 and installed them again but still the same problem persists. It was running perfectly fine before but when I upgraded it to version V4, I am in absolute trouble.

Please help me get out of this problem. I'll be really grateful.



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Problem installing Curse client V4


To get solution do the needful as under.

If you continue to have issues, many times the issues is resolved by simply Updating Windows using the Windows integrated tool.

You can install Curse Client v4 easily if you have Framework of Microsoft .Net installed. You can find the necessary installer tools here.

You can find the Internet Explorer from the start menu. Make sure that there is no compatibility issue between the Internet Explorer and your system i.e. 64-bit Window will run the same 64-bit Internet Explorer.

You will find Tools in the Internet Option. Browse the webpage I think you will get the link. However, if you do not find the link then you can check necessary network settings on your machine.

Now try to browse the web page i.e. If you again fail to connect the net contact the service provider.

Corrupt application store fixing.

Go to Run and insert as follows:

Windows Vista/Windows 7:    %userprofile%AppDataLocalApps
(C:usersUsername depending on your version of Windows, then click the OK button:)

Windows XP:   %userprofile%Local SettingsApps
(C:Documents & SettingsUsernameLocal SettingsApps)

On Windows AppDataLocalApps)

Here 2.0 folder should be deleted.

Now run Curse Client v4. Curse Client v4 needs Microsoft.Net Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1.

I think it will install automatically and you will face no other problem.

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