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 “Problem inserting data into db Microsoft ODBCSQL server drive sql server” Hello This error message arises if I have inserted particular characters or a huge name in the registrant name section on the Software page and Forms. Then to approve it, I cut down the name to fewer than 50 characters and confirm that the name does not hold any particular characters. But I want to insert more than 50 words. What should I do?

Need your help. Thanks.

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Hi T.Andy,

Try modifying the column width of the affected table in the MS SQL server. You can easily do this by using the SQL Server Management Studio. You have to have access to the database server though. You can also execute a DDL to do it. Just simply execute this command:

alter table <your_table> modify <your_column> VARCHAR(SIZE)

You have to change the column's data type to VARCHAR if it not yet a VARCHAR. Remember you don't know the size of the data you want to insert. VARCHAR can handle that because of its characteristics. It will automatically adjust to the data provided that it is not greater than the SIZE specified. You may refer to this site for more info about the VARCHAR data type.

I hope it helped.