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Immediately, I want a solution on my printer problem. Canon IP 1980.

Physically cartridge have been installed properly, but the time to print, appears notification error like this:
"The following ink cartridge cannot be recognized Black

Printing cannot be execute because the ink cartridge may not be installed properly or may not compatible with this printer"
I need help all of you because there is an important task should use this printer.

Thanks before

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Well the most important thing to notice is that the printer itself most likely has the problem. Make sure to hold down the button which says resume for approximately 8 seconds and then finally release the button and you will notice a change. By doing the above steps you are telling the printer to continue printing and the message that cartridge is empty should disappear. Actually, the above steps completely eliminate the ink detector which you ultimately want to do so that you can continue printing your papers without interruption. If the problem occurs again just repeat the process.

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1. Check to make sure that the number of the cartridge you are using is the one designated for that particular printer

2. Make sure that it not a fake one as fake cartridge may be out in the market.

3. Make sure that it is not out of ink (Try refilling or get a new one)

4. At extreme case, please replace the sensor.

Hope one or two of this can give a solution.


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Fake cartridges were also influential on the printer.

I need checking all component before printing.

Good thanks all