Please help me with my problem in the Links using Lotus Notes.

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Hi! I am using Lotus Notes and I have some difficulties with the links: when I change the source files of the link, the change does not appear in Lotus Notes. While testing Lotus Notes, I highlighted a section of a Microsoft Word file and pasted it into Lotus Notes using the Paste Special-Create Link operation. If I make any change in the Word document: it will only be reflected if it’s in the highlighted section; if the change is made anywhere in the Word document, outside this section, the change will be not reflected in the Lotus Notes file. Sometimes, it happens that Lotus Notes can’t find the source document at all, if it’s been changed. Does anyone know if there’s a way to create a link to an entire source document, so every change made in it to reflect in the Lotus Notes?

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Please help me with my problem in the Links using Lotus Notes.


Hallo Mariel,

I will suggest that you type the normal path that you want to point to so as to add the link in lotus notes, for example check out the following path: c:datafilesinfo.doc. Once you have typed the path, you will just highlight it and then copy it and paste on the clipboard using the shortcut. But make sure that before pasting the data you create a menu item in lotus notes and then the hotspot followed the link to that hotspot.

But if your version of lotus notes allows you to include the link directly then I will advise you to go for that option instead of using the long way.

Hope this helps.


Mahesh Babu


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