Please generate dump exam B5960sql server 2008

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I may sound dumb and idiot in this question but I badly need help from this forum. 

Well I have been trying to follow different suggestions and procedures on how to get dump exam SQL server 2008 but I ended up empty handed. 

Can someone here provide a detailed information on how to do it for me? 

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Please generate dump exam B5960sql server 2008


Hi there Jeo,

There are no dumb questions. I will try my level best to help you in anyway i can. 
I am more familiar with MySQL Server but I after tickering with SQL server '08 I found it quite similar, albeit with subtle differences.
The queries for dumping are
  • Set to simple mode alter database [name] set recovery simple;
  • Shrink the db dbcc shrinkfile ('LogicalFile_name', 1);
  • Set back to FULL (optional depending on backup method used) alter database [name] set recovery full;

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