PHP design tools Linux that is similar to Komodo Edit

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Hi Everyone, I would like to have an editor that will help in PHP design in Linux platform. Currently I am using Komodo Edit that is free, open source editor. I would like to have a PHP design tools Linux that is similar to Komodo Edit, which can be available for free. Thanks

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PHP design tools Linux that is similar to Komodo Edit


Hello Ann!

I do advise you to try any of these text editor, that is gPHPEdit , Kate or Kdevelop. but i for me i use gPHPEdit and I can suggest it for you. It is easy to be installed on you machine by downloading the latest version from, you only need to follow the steps below:-

In your computer Terminal write:

  1. git clone git:// ~/gphpedit-git

Cd ~/gphpedit-git

Install gPHPEdit by running the following commands:

$ ./ –prefix=$(pkg-config –variable=prefix ORBit-2.0) && make Now, as the root user: # make install


You can use Kate to install it follow the steps below:

First of all you need to install the following packages: git and the kdelibs development package(and CMake). Depending on your System:-

To install on openSUSE: sudo zypper install git libkde4-devel libkactivities-devel libqjson-devel python-kde4-devel.

To install on ubuntu and derivates: sudo apt-get install g++ make git cmake kdelibs5-dev libqjson-dev python-kde4-dev python-qt4-dev.

To install on Arch Linux: pacman -S git automoc4 cmake kdebindings-python (installation with base-devel + kde)

To install on Fedora and RHEL: yum install gcc-c++ kdelibs-devel kactivities-devel qjson-devel sip-devel PyKDE4-devel

  1. Create and change into a KDE development directory: mkdir -p ~/kde/usr; cd~/kde
  2. Get a copy of the Kate code: git clone git://
  3. Create and change into a build directory inside the kate directory for compilation: cd kate; mkdir build; cd build
  4. Use a script as shown below to set the right environment variables, else make istall may fail later.
  5. Run the configure process with cmake:
  7. Compile Kate: make
  8. Finally istall Kate: make install

And it will be good to go. Hope this be of great help

Best Regards

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