Photoshop could not be launched because of an Error

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Hello experts,

When I try to open Photoshop, I keep getting the following error message:

"The application "Photoshop" could not be launched because of an Error:
"'%< application<>application><mathlib><>"'

Then the program stops loading. 

Please help me solve this. Thanks in advance!


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Photoshop could not be launched because of an Error



Let us clear what went wrong in your situation:

1. Did you install Photoshop in os9.x and then later upgraded your system to os x?

2. Whether you are using the classic application mode or rather carbon?

Since you have mentioned that the library mathlib in your problem we are assured that the library exists and there is no problem in it. The only reason this message is showed is because the system is not able to load it. So as you mentioned mathlib this also signifies that you are working in the classic mode as a classic application.

In this case you need to run Codewarrior as a classic application. However if you are on carbon this error is bound to happen .

You can also make sure that mathlib is not targeted .Also make sure that another library is created which is indirectly linked to mathlib and hence mathlib is not directly targeted. For now the fastest step to solve this problem would be to download an updated version of Photoshop and reinstall.

Hope this works for you,

Good luck.

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