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Hi! All,

Why would I get the below error message all of a sudden?

I tried all means of restarting all devices and even reinstalling the application.

Photo story 3 for Windows.
A device attached to the system is not functioning.

Is anyone using this software and faced this issue?

Please help!

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Hello! Kacy

Got a similar problem  earlier.

Well, may I know what device you have attached? And have you installed the driver for such device? 

Most devices are plug and play and some are not, so they need a software which is accompanied upon purchase of such device. So in a computer, in order to detect a device it needs a software for the device you are trying to use. So please install first the device software and try restarting the computer. This should solve the problem and let the device be attached and functional.

If it won't solve it. Please check if the device you attached is compatible with your OS that you are using. For it will not be functional if it is incompatible. But you can always try to run in the compatibility mode desired with the device.

Hope this helps.