Personal information manager 2011 for my PC.

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Hi expert,

I need best personal information manager 2011 for my PC.

I am using Apple MacBook.

Suggest some PIMs and please send the download link.

And send some helping tutorial explanations for how to install it, Special features, Main advantages and disadvantages.

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Personal information manager 2011 for my PC.


Hello Mr. Thomas,

There are many good Personal Information Managers available for Mac OS X. Check out these free software's :

Chandler A notebook you can organize, back up and share! : A personal and small task managing software known as a 'Note to Self Organizer' by its developer. Click here to find more information about this software at Wikipedia.

Kontact KDE UserBase Wiki: An open source information manager developed by KDE. Go here for more details on Wikipedia.

Palm Desktop: Another great personal information manager developed by Palm. Click here for Wikipedia review.

Mac OS has a powerful in-built desktop calendar named iCal. You can also check out the Wikipedia's List of Personal Information Managers for more alternatives.

Hope this helps. Best regards.

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Personal information manager 2011 for my PC.


Hi Thomas,

Here is the download page for the downloadable PIMs.

The installation kit is an executable file.

Run it and just follow the instructions on the page. Most PIMs have all in one feature.

It may be slow to access. You cannot bring it anywhere.

What’s good about this is that it is a free download with no charge.


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