PC start having problem it won’t show display

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I want to ask you something and that is my pc is not showing any display. When I start it, starts but don't show any display.cables and monitors are fine.

When I start it, just show blank screen and also keyboard num lock button don't turn on but when i start keyboard all lights turn on for a moment then turn off and it happen always when we start our computer

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PC start having problem it won’t show display



Your problem might be overheating, in a computer there is a component such graphic card. So if this is overheated it will probably caused this kind of problem you encountered.

Here's my suggestions,

1. Shutdown your computer, pressing the CPU power button. Turn off the monitor also.

2. Turn on the aircon in your room or if possible install additional fan for cooling the area.

3. After a pause 15-30 minutes restart the monitor and then the computer.

4. If it was overheating problem, the screen should now display the system booting properly.

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PC start having problem it won’t show display


Hello Talha,

If you try pressing CTL+ALTA+DEL on the keyboard does it bring the task manager or not?

I will suggest that you try pressing the key combination that I have mentioned and then log off the computer and the log in and see if the blank screen error goes away.

Otherwise try booting the system from safe mode and see if it works that well. If you manage to access the programs in safe mode then try running the system restore utility from there to remove any changed you might have made to the system or any programs and updates that you might have installed that are responsible for causing the problems that you are experiencing.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung

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PC start having problem it won’t show display


If you want to check what is wrong with your system unit you have to follow some detailed troubleshooting guide.

1st step

Open the system unit removes all active components (RAM, Video card, LAN card and other components connected in the PCI slot) in the motherboard except the power supply cables.

2nd step

Turn on the computer wait for an error beep for the missing RAM. If you don’t hear any beep we can say that it’s either power supply or the motherboard is the problem. But in my experience usually the power supply fail more often than motherboard.

The power supply is composed of an electronic parts so possible to have a faulty parts cause by a not properly ventilated power supply that will increase the heat inside the power supply and possibly it can damage the electronic parts and it will affect the supply voltages and by that fault the power supply will be unstable and the output voltage of the power supply will be lower or higher with respect to the rated power output that is why your motherboard cannot work properly by that problem.

Thank you

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