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Hello. I want to pay online through my Paypal account but when I tried to make the payment it gave me this error message: error 0x80042020. My paypal account is working just fine. I have used it previously and it was working well. Can someone please give me a clue on what seems to be the problem? Thank you.

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Hello there,

Were you doing payments for eBay or an online shopping store? There are instances that this occurs when you are paying through eBay or selected online shopping store. With this, the problem occurs internally with Paypal and not necessarily your fault or the other side where you would send payment for. If you need a clearer option for a better understanding of what may have occurred, here is a link i will give you to help you solve issues in using Paypal. Please click Paypal error: Sorry - your last action could not be completed.

I hope this had helped you. 



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It appears that the problem lies with Paypal payment pages loaded in frames. In other words, if you're clicking a Paypal payment button on a page that resides within another page (via a frame), then Paypal doesn't like it and blocks the payment request. We surmise this could be as a result of a recent security update or something similar.

Until we know more, the workaround for this problem is to open the payment page in a new window. If you're an online shopper, you can accomplish this by simply right-clicking the Paypal payment button and selecting "open in a new window." The exact method to do this varies by browser, but they all offer it.

Once the Paypal payment page loads in the new window, it should work fine. For those of you that are running your own online stores, and your Paypal payment page currently resides in a frame - you will need to add code to force the payment page to open in a new window when the user clicks on it. You want to add the following attribute to the anchor link that calls the payment page: