Password list was attacked in Windows Server please help.

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Hi! I am using Windows Server and the password list was attacked; it was a list of passwords using NTLMv1. I know Windows Server uses hashing for storing passwords, and hashing is a one-way function. Can anyone please tell me how could this be possible?

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Password list was attacked in Windows Server please help.


Hallo Lance,

Well, that is pretty strange because in one way hashing it should take like forever to try infiltrating the passwords. We can only conclude that the intruder was a person who had an idea on how you were configuring or allocating the passwords, someone who understood the algorithm that you were using.
Or may be you could have exposed a list that had plain text of the passwords and someone had access to it and used then to manipulate the server. Those are the possibilities that I can think of that a person might have used to access your password list. Otherwise, it is kind of strange even to me.


Lee Hung

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