Partitioning Problem In Compaq laptop

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My laptop is presario compaq cq60 laptop

I chatted with hp team about installing windows 7 on my laptop, and they said that all the data and recovery partition will get lost by during this. They suggested me to make recovery discs as i am not able to make them right now.

I want step by step tutorial of formatting my computer and installing windows 7 in this.

Also want to create a recovery partition with some more partitions.

I want to create some more partitions to store my songs and pictures on different partitions. Is it possible to create more partitions using some kind of software's to save a recovery partition also and creating more partitions simultaneously?

I don't want to lose my recovery partition.

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Partitioning Problem In Compaq laptop


Hi Jefferson S,

Thank you for posting your problem. The problem seems  you don't want to lose your recovery partition. In Windows 7 when you installed its operating system to it's own hard drive creates a small separate System partition. On this partition it places the boot system files and access to a complete set of recovery tools, including Startup Repair, System Restore, Complete PC Restore and the Command Prompt. These and more recovery options are available WITHOUT having to insert and boot to a Windows 7 installation DVD.

  • Now to solve your problem, install again the windows 7 and during installation there is a process wherein you are prompt to add additional partition drive thus creating its own recovery partition. Take note that during partitioning all data will be lost if you're going to create another partition.
  • Another one there are software now a days in GUI that will create additional partition of your existing partition. A partition magic will do to solve the problem.


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Partitioning Problem In Compaq laptop


These are easy steps to install your new window 7. You need some programming tools and then you will be able to solve your problem. First thing is to formatting your current system you can use format command for this purpose and then after this you can run fdisk to make some partitions in your drive. Once you have these partition then you can simply install your new window and it is easy also. The new window 7 is easy to install and it guides you through whole process step by step to solve your problem.

You can also make partitions from your window. To make partitions form your window you can go to desktop and then right click on my computer and then select manage.Now you need to go to Disk Management and here you can create your disk as you require. It will not only solve your problem but also will help you to manage your disk drive.

karen cruise.

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