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Hi. I am using a Nokia 5130 XpressMusic Mobile Phone. I need to know where I can download Oxycube Phone Manager for my Nokia 5130. It is software that works like Nokia Suite but for me, I think it is more advanced and more efficient to use. I have it on my previous Nokia phone but I lost the software after I made a fresh install on my PC. Where can I get Oxycube with the correct version that will suit my Nokia 5130? Can someone please help? Thanks.

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You can find your phone Nokia 5130(express music) listed in OxyCube version 1.4 and it is the latest version and you can download it typing as "OxyCube Version 1.4 Download " in a search engine and I hope this will help you to resolve your problem

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OxyCube is a way of managing your mobile phone or smartphone contents through your computer. It is a continuation of the old Oxygen Phone Manager I and II. OxyCube will let you manage and access your phonebook, organizer, messages, event log and more. You can download it from the CNET website given below:

CNET: Download OxyCube Version

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I’m not sure if this application is still being updated because the one I found was already kind of old. OxyCube is a mobile phone manager and it manages the contents of the handset. It is very similar to the Nokia PC Suite but this one can be used in different handsets or Smartphones. This is how OxyCube looks like.

OxyCube merged the advantages of both Oxygen Phone Manager I and II which are popular synchronization applications. If you are still using the usual Nokia PC Suite and other default phone managers and want a change in the look, feel, and function, better try this one. This tool will instantly and conveniently access your Smartphone’s phonebook, messages, organizer, files, and event logs.

You can download OxyCube This version supports Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Unfortunately this application is not a freeware and costs $24.95 for the full registered version. You can download it as a trial version though with some limitations. The write-to-phone features are all disabled for the demo version.

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