Outlook Error Code 0x80040119 when trying to delete mails

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I have about 1000 emails on my inbox in Outlook.

I have not deleted mails for the past few months, and when I am about to delete and clear my inbox, a unknown error has occurred. The error code is 0x80040119.

And when I force to delete all the mails on my inbox, another error appears on my screen stating: “Messaging interface has caused an unknown error”.

What could be the cause of this?

How can I delete my emails without having errors?

Please help me.

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Outlook Error Code 0x80040119 when trying to delete mails


Dear Keaton,

Repairing the .pst file can solve your problem. A.pst file is a file that stores your contacts, mails, notes etc. An Inbox Repair tool could be useful in repairing the .pst file.

Here are few simple tips that you need to follow in order to do that :

Note : However, if your .pst file is > 2 GB then this procedure wouldn't work.

  • Check Show hidden files and folders in your operating system through folder options (if using Windows 7, Vista or XP)
  • Exit Outlook if you've opened it.
  • Find the .pst file by going to Control Panel and typing Mail in the search box. Click on Mail or Mail(32-bit) -> Data Files -> Personal Folders -> Settings. Note the text or simply copy it which is available in the Filename box. Click on Ok and close the boxes.
  • Look for the Inbox Repair tool in the Microsoft Office directory or simply go for a search in the search box for the file named SCANPST.EXE
  • Enter the name of the file you want to scan would be displayed. There you have to type the path and the name of the .pst file you had copied.
  • Click Start and then once the scan is completed click on OK.
  • Go for a restart if the problem persists.
  • If the problem however still persists, then I'd recommend you to install a fresh copy of Outlook.

Similar procedure needs to be followed in case of XP or Vista wiz. looking for .pst file and noting down the path and the name followed by opening Inbox Repair Tool and then copying and scanning the .pst file.

Hope that helps.




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Outlook Error Code 0x80040119 when trying to delete mails


Hi Keaton,

This error message appears when the Outlook.pst file got corrupted. You need to clear this
corrupted file to solve this issue. You cannot use the contents in Outlook without solving this issue.

Microsoft provides ‘scanpst.exe’, a free executable to get rid of PST related errors.

Your system already has this file .So you don’t need to install again.

Please follow the below steps to fix this issue after opening a Windows explorer.

1.    Go to any of the following address.

a.   For MS Outlook 2007: %ProgramFiles%Microsoft OfficeOffice12

b.   For MS Outlook 2010: %ProgramFiles% Microsoft OfficeOffice14

2.    Navigate to scanpst.exe, which attempts to fix Outlook PST files.

3.    Double click to open the tool.

4.    Follow the screen messages to fix the issue file.

Error will not appear after the PST file is repaired. If the PST file is greater than 2 GB in size, you can use fix Outlook PST tool to efficiently repair PST files.

Thank you!

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