Out-of-memory error comes out when trying to output movie in Videowave

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An error message pops up in Videowave when I want to output the movie I have created. 

It informs me that the system is out of memory, but I don't think that's the case. 

I have Roxio Videowave 2011 installed in my PC.

Please help me. Thanks.

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Out-of-memory error comes out when trying to output movie in Videowave



The Pagefile is another name for the old 'Swapfile'. It's an area of hard drive which Windows uses as an extension of the RAM memory.

Windows can write 'pages' of memory onto the hard drive to make RAM available for a program which demands it.

Windows is usually left to set the size of this area itself, but sometimes you can stave off a 'low memory' error by temporarily increasing the Pagefile's size manually.

  • Right-click My Computer, and select Properties and then the Advanced tab.
  • Go to Performance, click the Settings button, then select Advanced. At the bottom of the Performance Options box which opens, you'll see Virtual Memory, and the settings for your Paging File. 
  • Click the Change button, and in the box which appears, 
  • Select drive C:
  • Select the Custom Size button
  • Pick a value about 1.5 times the current size, and put that into both the Initial size and Maximum size boxes
  • Click the Set button, and OK out of it all.

You'll probably have to restart Windows to set the new size, and you can then see if it helps the problem you're having in Videowave.


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