Organizing by group a list of customers sales history

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Hi there experts,

I’m not that familiar with using excel. I got a file and I need to organize the customers sales history. It should be grouped according to customer.  Can someone help me with this? Thanks.



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Organizing by group a list of customers sales history


Hi there,

Happy to help you.

– First you need to open the excel file with the data on it and use some of the functions available in excel sheet.

– Select the cells where you have the data by selecting them with your mouse by dragging the mouse or by simply keeping your mouse pointer in any of the filled area and press "Ctrl A".

– After selecting the cells click the "Insert" option next to "Home" and Click "Pivot table" just below.

– A pop up will appear which says "Select a table or range" which you have already selected and "new worksheet", then Click OK.

– On Clicking Ok a new worksheet will open. On the right hand side "Pivot Table Field List" will appear, Click the headers and on clicking them you will see that the groupings are being formed.

– You can sort the Row Labels as according to you preference and by just clicking and draging. You will see that on the main sheet all the data are grouped as you prefer.

– Finally your data is grouped as you prefer and you original data is also available in the adjacent worksheet.

I hope this will help you for now.


Imtisunup Longchar


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