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Hi there, my operating system is Windows 7 and I was having this Orbit downloader for quite a while already. Now when I opened it, an error message appeared: ORBIT DOWNLOADER HAS STOPPED WORKING and it keeps showing up whenever the program is started. I get the same error message when I use GOM and Grab++. What is this problem related to? I have no idea how to fix them I need some suggestions.

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That is possibly due to the orbit downloader being corrupt, and most probably its registry entries. You may try to run a program that will find and fix any registry issues and see if that will solve the problem. The application that will recommend for you is ccleaner, you can download it for free from the internet. Just install it, and then launch it, and then run the system registry fix to find any registry problems and fix them.

Another remedy to that problem will be to do a fresh installation of the orbit downloader. If you have the setup application somewhere, install it and  if you do not have it, you will need to search for it from the internet, download it and install it again. Installing will fix any registry problems that might have been occurred.

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It does seems that your orbit downloader is outdated. You need fresh version of orbit downloader. 


If reinstallation does not work then you need to clean the traces using the running cleaner. Then clean install the new version of the Orbit Downloader. Make sure that the browser monitoring and flash streaming are checked, 


If it still does not work then in that case you need the other form of orbit downloader like downloader helper, Youtube downloader and Video grabber. These will help you download the videos from websites such as YouTube, metacafe and imovie. Hope this will be the solution to your problem.