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Hello Everyone,

I had this netbook which I often use, eMachines eM350. During lunch break or free time, I will play games on my netbook.

Games like cooking dash, worms armagedon, DOTA, etc.

The problem is that, after I exit every game, a notification will always appear saying, "This not your Optimal screen Resolution for primary display device. Your optimal screen resolution is 1024X600 ".

How will I fix this problem.

Please help.

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Hi good day… the issue is about  “the optimal screen resolution for the primary display” to resolve this kind of issue,

Just follow these steps.               

On your empty desktop right click > Properties > on theDisplay Properties click onSettings then find the Display and adjust the “Sceen Resolution” adjust also the Color quilty just selectHighest. > Apply and OK.

Now you can played  the games and the issue will solve.

Tahnk you, hope its help



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Dear fried,

I would like to add one more thing to the previous answer, your computer have a default screen resolution for the best image, but there are some games or programs need another screen resolution to give you best image says i.e.

Your default screen resolution is 1440* 900 and the game need screen resolution 1024* 600 this new resolution give best quality for the image of the game but not your normal screen so you should return the default resolution to have the normal image.