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After I used the IBM Lotus Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook Setup, I procured the subsequent problem. 

Attempting to decide on and insert my lotus notes ID – the following prompt appeared: “Operation stopped at your request".

I did not choose to stop this operation. 

What is going on and how is it resolved?

Thank you very much for your recommendation.

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This error message can occur when an ID file is corrupted. An ID file can get corrupted after an improper way of saving the ID file, this can happen when one saves an ID file in a Notepad and uses that file instead of using the ID saved from the E-mail.

Example after getting the ID file from administration you then save that ID on Notepad. At the time of set up you now copy the file from Notepad to the set up wizard instead of directly using the file given by the administrator from the email to the setup wizard.

This can be resolved by using the correct ID file which is the one from the E-mail and not from another file.

You can also directly ask your administrator to give you a clean Lotus Notes ID that you can use.