Operation ‘create’ on object ‘registered’ server

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I am facing an unexpected error in Registered Servers. The error is 35012. What is this? How it can be solved? Any idea.

The error is 35012

Registered server

Operation ‘create’ on object ‘registered’ server [@Name=’DCKLEE3SQL2008A’] failed during execution.

Additional Information:

An exception occurred while executing a Transact-SQL statement Or batch.


You cannot add a shared registered server with the same name as the configuration server. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error:35012)


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Operation ‘create’ on object ‘registered’ server


Hi there Donald T Mercurio,

This is a common mistake happening when you're trying to create or add a new server with the name already used. The solution for this is quite simple – you will need either rename your Configuration Server or use another name for the new instance you're trying to create.

Best regards,
Drake Vivian

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Operation ‘create’ on object ‘registered’ server


Hi Donald,

The unexpected error 35012 means you are using one or more objects who are damaged or corrupted i.e as an example suppose you are using some forms who are corrupted.

To resolve this either you can make a new database or you can import all database objects that includes tables,queries,objects etc. That should solve the issue , if not try to import objects ignoring those objects who are making issues. And later you can import them from some good backups .

Hope this will help.

Thank you.

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