Operating systems other than windows

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I know that Microsoft is used in many computer systems around the world.  I myself have been using it since I can remember.  My question is, if I were to try another OS, what would be out there for me?  Any guys here users of other OS?  Do you like them better than Microsoft OS?  Why? 

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Operating systems other than windows



I have been using Microsoft Windows (I’m using Win7 now) ever since, even though I am quite aware that there are other good (if not better) operating systems. You might want to check out these other operating systems and you’ll realize they work better for you:

Mac. Another equally popular operating system – and some say it is better than Windows. Mac uses UNIX technology which makes it more secure and stable than Windows. The user interface is friendly and easy to navigate. However the drawback to using a Mac OS is that it only works on Apple computers.

Linux. It uses UNIX or almost similar to UNIX technology and its free (which is the best part). Though it’s free, it still has a considerable array of software compatible to it. You can try Linux with Knoppix versions which runs directly from a CD without interrupting you’re already installed OS.Linux also is a perfect choice for major servers.

I’ve used Mac OS for work before, and it’s really user-friendly. I like Mac and Windows on both accounts –Mac for its easy navigation, and Windows for familiarity – I’ve used it ever since so I’m comfortable with it.


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