Operating system problem computer don’t run

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When I switch on my laptop than a message appears in the screen that is BootEMG is failure and press Shift+Ctrl+Del to restart. If I press Shift+Ctrl+Del than the laptop is restarted and appear same message I don’t know why it is appearing.

How can I solve this problem ?

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Operating system problem computer don’t run


Most common causes of this errors includes corrupt and mis-configured files, hard drives and operating systems and upgrade issues, or corrupt drive and outdated sectors or BIOS. To fix this error, is restart your laptop, perform a windows start up repair, the type of installation should replaced missing and corrupt files including Boot EMG.

Check your optical media drives, sometimes BOOT EMG appears if your laptop is trying to boot into a non bootable CD or DVD. If this issue is happening regularly, try to consider changing the boot order in your BIOS so that the hard drive listed as your first boot. Then check the drive settings in BIOS to make sure they have the correct settings.

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Operating system problem computer don’t run



You may check the following to resolve the issue:

1. Confirm whether the floppy/CD drive is empty before restarting the computer. A CD/ floppy in the drive can cause the issue.

2. Try performing a Startup Repair. Please follow the steps.

  • Insert The Windows XP installation CD in the CD drive and restart the computer.
  • Press any key if you are prompted to start installing Windows from the installation disc.
  • Choose “R” as the setup begins to start repair.
  • Type in the Administrator password if you are prompted to, and press Enter.
  • Type “bootcfg” in the command prompt. This will fix any boot.ini errors.

Please visit the following web link for more information:


3. Check the BIOS to ensure that the hard drive and other drive settings in the BIOS are correct. Improper settings can cause BOOTMGR error problems.

Hope this helps.



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