OpenSUSE not permitted on an encrypted partition

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Do you have any experience of installing openSUSE on an encrypted partition? I wanted to do it but I encounter this error (See attached screenshot). It would be very helpful if you could provide any assistance. I urgently need a solution to this.



You have assigned an encrypted file system to a partition with one of the following mount points: "/", "/usr", "/boot", "/var". This is not possible. Change the mount point or use a nonloopbacked file system.

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OpenSUSE not permitted on an encrypted partition




Try this one if its work at all to your Opens SUSE just simply mount the partitions first then after that mark it readable or writable from the usual users to your system and then there is an command that achieve from the mount and then the partition is mounted from your system and you just simply use the dolphin in the super user mode from the system and go to the SUSE menu and click the application and select the system and then select the file managers and after that you can set the properties to your system  just try on that.


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