One file cannot be opened, moved or even deleted

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Hi all,

I am very suspicious that my computer, running on Vista was attacked by a virus. I just noticed when I am cleaning up my computer that there is one file that I cannot move, delete or even open. No source of information on how to get the file’s detail.

However, after running a virus scan in my whole system, it did not find anything.

Please help!

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One file cannot be opened, moved or even deleted


Hi Sandy,

Does your user name or account in the computer have administrator rights? Another thing that could stop you from moving, editing or deleting files is if you are not part of the administrator group. Your username or account may not have sufficient rights to do any of the action you require.

If you suspect that it is a virus that is causing it or the file is a virus or at least part of it, what you can do is to submit the file to various online scanners. These online scanners are from trusted and reputable Antivirus software manufacturers, they can determine if the file is indeed a virus or not.

Another option is to force delete the file:

  • Click Start
  • Click Run or the Search Box.
  • Type CMD in it to open the command prompt window
  • Locate the file you want to delete and take note of the directory path (C:Program Filesetcetc)
  • Once you know the exact location, type del [drive letter]:[directory]
  • If the file you want to delete is in your desktop what you need to type is something like this: del C:Documents and SettingsYOUR_USERNAMEDesktopNAME_OF_FILE
  • Press Enter to execute the delete command.
  • Windows should now delete that specific file as long as the location is correct.
  • You may also use a third party software such as Malwarebyte's Anti Malware. This is very effective Anti Malware also has a built-in deleting tool that is used in these cases. It is called the File ASSASSIN.
  • You may download the whole Anti Malware with the File Assassin in it.
  • Or just the standalone File Assassin tool.
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One file cannot be opened, moved or even deleted


Hello Sandy,

There are two things to consider.

First Step: The file is in used by another program. You have to specify what file is it. Is it a word or text file or images? It could be a   system file with handles that is not properly released. Restart your computer and try to locate back that file and try to move, delete, or open. Another option is to open your task manager using CTRL+ALT+DEL and go to processes then look for some processes that are active which is similar to the file you are dealing and after that click end process.

Second Step: Cannot find source file from disk or cyclic redundancy check. This means that the file has been corrupted by any other means. It includes viruses or bad sectors of your disk. You can still recover that file by performing checks disk to check your drive from unreadable sections and recover those damages or lost files. Also, perform a boot time scan from your antivirus to ensure that viruses will remain in an inactive state before the operating system is loaded.

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