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Nokia sees strong Lumia sales in US but mixed results elsewhere and they suffers $1.76 billion loss in the first quarter of 2012. What was the profitability condition in last year during the same period?

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There was a time when Nokia dominate the mobile market. But within recent year it can’t able to even capture it’s profitability! Nokia’s latest lumia smart phone or windows phone have made a hope that it can be demolish the samsung galaxi and apple’s iphone. It grab the market in usa but in the world market it seems to be faled. So they are in a loss of 1.2 billions in phone sale and 1.8 in operating loss. If you want to know about profitability In the last year in the same period, you have to take a tour with it’s interim report 2012. It says 70. Billion net sales last year. Their still the continues loss. You can visit this link for the full report-

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