No Way to Access BIOS Setup in Sony-VAIO

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Somebody please tell me what to do. I can’t access BIOS system of my Sony VAIO EA24FM/W.

I am trying to access BIOS by pressing the function keys including Esc, Del, Ctrl + Esc & Ctrl + Del, F1 but nothing is working.

After showing the VAIO logo operating system starts loading.

While I am pressing Esc, it reboots the computer. I am running Vista and want to install Windows 7.

Only F8 key is working which says to choose safemode and other options also available which are not related to BIOS.

Is this a virus case or any kind of damage occurs in BIOS?

All the Sony-VAIO users please help me. 

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No Way to Access BIOS Setup in Sony-VAIO


Access Keys entering BIOS Setup

BIOS Setup is commonly known as CMOS. This is what we called the Metal Oxide Semiconductor where hardware information inside your computer hardware is basically initialized. This information stored in the CMOS was read before the computer finally proceeds on booting to your operating system. Before we have to forget about these BIOS attribute or characteristics, we would like to give you an input that this is what we heard before the ROM or the Read Only Memory. Just like the CD ROM or the Compact Disk Read Only Memory or the DVD ROM or the Digital Versatile Disk Read Only Memory which once you have written then information on it, the media can be used only for reading and not for re-writing.

We called this as the ROM or the Read Only Memory. You might be wondering why the CMOS or the BIOS data can be changed and saved even if it is already a program before. Not like the CD or the compact Disk ROM where when you have written the data you will never change its values. BIOS is designed for storing our hardware profiles, which can be change its attributes or types just by selecting what is stored on the memory. You can not add more options up there. So what the BIOS provide is just what you can use to change data. And it is also read only because the computer Operating System reads only the BIOS for reference to the computers hardware configuration.

CMOS or BIOS data was maintained through the aid of the BIOS itself but powered by a button cell. If the cell was fully discharged, all information you have set or stored before will be lost. You need to buy a new battery or cell just to power-up your BIOS so that you can save changes.

Entering BIOS (Basic Input Output System) is Computer Technician’s must have the priority to know about. BIOS set-up is the most important thing to know how to operate because all components and peripherals inside your computer can be enabled and disabled inside the set-up.

Take Note: There are some computer manufacturers using CTRL+S, Ctrl+Ins, Ins, Ctrl+Alt+Esc, Ctrl+Alt+Del, Esc, Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys to access the BIOS Set-up.

But basically, Most of the Computers used F1, F2, F3, F10 and Del key. And most of them display the Key during Power-On-Self-Test to access the BIOS. For example,the Intel motherboard with Ami BIOS setup displayed the message “Press DEL to enter BIOS set-up.

If your computer does not display the information on how to access the BIOS setup, you may find it on the manual of your computer package.

You may find tons of information about entering BIOS (Basic Input Output System) Setup or CMOS Setup on the internet. Just search on Google and you will see instructions on how to do it and even alternatives of entering the Set-Up.

In your case or in your computer’s brand which is the Sony VAIO computer, you can use the F1 key or if not works, try the F2 key, else try the F3 key. After you have turned on your computer, just press the keys I have mention before repeatedly until the computer brings you to the BIOS setup

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No Way to Access BIOS Setup in Sony-VAIO


I’ve already handled different computers in our office and when I’m fixing somebody else’s computer but this is the first time I’ve heard that the usual function keys to enter the BIOS don’t work. It’s really unusual. I think the reason why it didn’t work is because you only press the function key once when the computer boots that’s why it doesn’t enter the BIOS.

The usual buttons used, as with my experience on other branded computers, are either F2 or F12. It’s only between these two and it is very common than other function keys. And to enter the BIOS, you need to press on the function key repeatedly not only once. To go to the BIOS on a Sony VAIO computer, turn on the computer then press F2 repeatedly until the VAIO logo disappears.

Alternatively if that doesn’t work, turn off the computer. After that when the machine is already off, press the “Assist” button then select BIOS from the menu. If you also want to boot your computer using its external devices like the CD/DVD drive, the floppy disk drive, or from the USB, you can use the F11 function key.

If you want to boot from the CD, insert first the bootable CD in the optical drive and then restart the computer. Press F11 repeatedly until the VAIO logo disappears. Select to boot from the CD/DVD drive.

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