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I received a video through email.  The video extension is .mov can I see the video, but there is no audio.  I tried connecting speakers and a headset, but still no sound.  The sound works on other applications.  How come I can't get the audio on that file?  

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Hello Coleston.

Apparently, the problem is in the video file that you got from your e-mail.

First verify with the sender if the video file indeed has sound.  You could also try it out on your desktop or laptop computer to verify that the video file indeed contains sound.

If the file is verified to have audio, then the problem is most likely incompatibility with your handheld's video player.  Verify from the user's manual whether your handheld supports the .MOV video format.  If it does not support MOV then you have the option to convert the file to a format that your handheld supports.

Freemake Video Converter ( can convert from MOV to another format.  It’s free, don't worry.