Netflix Streaming Error code ui-122. What should I do?

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Experiencing netflix playback error ui-122 on Sony playstation 3 when streaming videos. I have tried rebooting the PS3 and login into my my netflix account in an attempt to fix this error but this won't work either. The sony playstation is a month old. How can I fix this error? Is there a way I can open my sony PS3 without the error occuring?

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Netflix Streaming Error code ui-122. What should I do?


This problem usually occurs after a system update of PlayStation. In order to fix this, you’ll have to accept Sony’s Terms of Service.

1. Hold “PS” button in the center of the controller for 3 seconds.

2. Select “Quit”.

3. From PlayStation Main Menu, select PSN >> select “Sign In”. You can find out the PSN icon in the second column in the XMB from the right.

4. Enter your PlayStation Network sign-in ID and password. Check the “Sign In Automatically (Auto Sign-In)”.

5. Select “Sign In”.

Also, make sure that your DNS settings are alright.

1. From PlayStation main menu, select Settings >> Network Settings >> Internet Connection Settings.

2. Press “OK”.

3. Choose “Custom”.

4. Depending on your connection type, select “Wired Connection” or “Wireless”. If “Wired” connection, select “Auto-Detect” for “Operation mode”. If “Wireless” connection, under “WLAN”, select “Enter Manually” and press to the right for three times to get into “IP Address Settings”.

5. From “IP Address Settings”, select “Automatic”.

6. From “DHCP host name”, select “Do Not Set”.

7. From “DNS Settings”, select “Automatic”.

8. From “MTU”, select “Automatic”.

9. From “Proxy Server”, select “Do Not Use”.

10. From “UPnP”, select “Enable”.

11. Tap right with the analog stick until “Press the X button to save settings” is seen.

12. Press “X”.

13. Select “Test Connection”.

Now, your problem should have been solved.

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Netflix Streaming Error code ui-122. What should I do?


If you are getting the “error ui-122” message with Netflix on Sony PlayStation 3, first, try logging out and then log in back. See if this fixes the problem. If not, try deleting Netflix on your Sony PlayStation 3 and then download and install it again. Once installed, sign in and see if this fixes the problem. Make sure Netflix is up-to-date to avoid issues.

Sometimes it is not “error ui-122” that appears on your screen. You might see something like “We're Having Trouble Playing This Title Right Now” or “Title Not Available for Playback”. These messages usually appear if there is a problem with your internet connection and it is preventing Netflix from playing the TV show or the movie.

Sometimes the problem is not with the internet connection but with the title itself. It is also possible to see the error when the title freezes loading at 25 percent (25%). To fix the problem, first, if you are using any VPN, unblocker software, or proxy, you should disable it to continue using Netflix.

This is because the Netflix content library can vary by region and these types of connections are often used to bypass geo-location methods. If you are using any of these, your traffic might be routed outside your current region. If you are not using any of these, try playing another title to see if another title plays without error.

If, in case, you can play another title without a problem, go to your Viewing Activity page then click “Report problem” next to the title you were trying to play that triggers the error. If you don’t see the “Report problem” link that means the problem was automatically reported to Netflix.

If these methods don’t apply to you, please go to Netflix Help Center.

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