Need VB Code using different api to find the defects

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I have been trying to develop a VB Code using different api to find the defects and import with specific filter criteria but I am unable to do that kindly suggest code for finding defect api for vba files ?

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Need VB Code using different api to find the defects


Hello there Samadisonny,

First of ll you need to know that VBA and API can be used to customize softwares according to your needs. These tools can be used to accomplish your task whether you want to build a quick VBA macro or a full-blown application based on our program’s object API.

Here is a demo code. I hope this may help you.

The following code sample shows filteri
ng accounts using th
e “Expenses” query:
Dim oQuery As CQueryObject

Set oQuery = New CQueryObject
oQuery.Init FE_Application.SessionContext
'This loads the query that is named Expenses.
oQuery.LoadByField uf_QUERY_NAME, "Expenses"
Dim oAccounts As CGLAccounts
Set oAccounts = New CGLAccounts
oAccounts.Init FE_Application.SessionContext
'This tells the collection which query (Expenses) to filter with.
oAccounts.FilterQueryID oQuery.Fields(QUERIES7_fld_QUERIESID)
'From here on, we can use the oAccounts collection and it will only

'contain CGLAccount objects that are in the Expenses query"""""

Here is a URL , you may look at this too

Hopefully I could help you.

Thank you

Berta R Cahill


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