Need useful information about old fashioned mobile…

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Hi,currently i am using an old fashioned and old fashioned mobile phone.

It has Bluetooth,mp3,memory card but no camera.that is not the problem.the problem is, I want to open pdf files and read them using this mobile.

I have mobile browser in it too. But i do not have any PDF reader.

Can anyone informs me if there is a pdf reader for old fashioned mobiles so that i could download it and use it….

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Need useful information about old fashioned mobile…


Hi Bohemian,

Yes, PDF can only be read by the ADOBE READER. The problem is your mobile phone is an old version.  

It should be compatible with what you are using right now.

You have to decrease the version of your Adobe Reader.

It must be set two(2) to three (3) versions behind the latest and  new version of  Adobe Reader.

To make it accessible to all the user and use the file even if they don't have the latest version.

Next, you have to check the resolution of the pictures. Because sometimes it will be a big help in printing it clearly.

So the lower the resolution of the picture,  the smaller the file and less memory needed in order for you to restored it to your old mobile.

Last check your FONT. To be viewed y other change your font in common typesets such as ARIAL and HELVITICA.  It is really important that your Font must e embedded in a PDF to see that the readers may read what you have intended it to do.

Hope this might help you.

Thanks, Aliyah

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Need useful information about old fashioned mobile…


Hi Bohemian,

If you phone has internet and it has enough memory space that supports applications then you can have PDF on it, otherwise I do not think so. If your phone is a Nokia, then go to Applications > Collections > Application Downloads.

Type PDF in the search field and choose OK to search  and download. The software (PDF reader) will download and install on your phone. You can as well download the PDF reader from the ovi store.

If your phone is not a Nokia,  then just figure out where applications are downloaded from and see if you can manage to download and install pdf reader on your phone.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung.

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