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Hi there,

I have been intrigued by the development of viruses and how to take active measures against any possible threats from the most miniscule to the most helpful virus ever made.

My company (an internet security firm) has taken an active role in preventing any sort of virus attacks. One of the involves understanding the effect of the Anna Kournikova virus.

I only know the basic effect of the Anna Kournikova virus but I am sure you techie can give me a more detailed information regarding the effect of the Anna Kournikova virus.

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Dear Julio,

The Anna Kournikova virus is a self-replicate virus which means that when the system is infected with this virus the system will spread the infection to other systems which will propagate the virus further and so on.

Users get this virus through an e-mail attachment. Upon opening this attachment the system gets infected and the virus mail itself to all users found in the windows Address Book.

Once the system is infected by this virus,

  • The virus copies itself to the Windows directory as "AnnaKournikova.jpg.vbs".

You will find it here : C:\WINDOWS\AnnaKournikova.jpg.vbs

  • It also creates the following Registry Keys :


HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\OnTheFly\mailed=(1 for yes)

This is to check if the mailing process is ongoing.

  • Then it uses MAPI messaging to mail all the contacts in the Address Book using the following information:

Subject: Here you have, ;o)
Check This!

Attachment: AnnaKournikova.jpg.vbs

ms outlook message

* Other names for this virus:

Anna Kournikova, AnnaKournikova, VBS.VBSWG.J (CA), VBS/Anna, VBS/OnTheFly@mm (F-Secure), VBS/SST (VirusScan), VBS/SST-A (Sophos), VBS/SST.A (Panda), VBS/SST.Worm (CAI), VBS/SST@MM (VirusScan), VBS/VBSWG.j@MM , VBS_Kalamar.a (Trend).

You can find information on the creator of this virus and what happened to him in this article.

Anna Kournikova Virus on WIKI

Funny tip: This virus was the only computer virus ever appear in an episode of Friends.

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Hello, Julio,

Hope you are fine.

The Anna Kournikova computer worm was a computer worm. It was authored by a Dutch programmer named Jan de With on February 11, 2001.It is an encrypted VB script worm. This worm uses Microsoft outlook to spread. Sometimes email message subject may be "Here you have"and the attachment will be shown as "AnnaKournikova. JPG. vbs", and you will see the message body containing.

Hi: Check This.

When Windows Scripting Host is installed on the computer. The VBS extension will not appear. At the time of opening the attachment, it was copied to windows system folder. After opening the Microsoft Outlook Address book it sends email to all the addresses stored in that.

It is able to replicate using outlook and not able to damage data in the local machine. It poses a threat to down the e-mail servers. This virus is also familiar as Anna Kournikova, , , VBS/on-the-fly. A, VBS/VBSWG.J, VBS_Kalamar.


Fire has inserted VBS/SST in virus signature file to help the users affected by this script attack to detect and to eliminate it from their systems.

Protection: At first disable Windows Scripting Host. Follow these steps:

Click the Start button > Settings > Control Panel > select Add/Remove Programs.

Now select the Windows Setup tab.

Double - clicking the Accessories, just scroll down to Windows Scripting Host.

And uncheck the box.

Now Save changes and then close the window.

Hope you will get your answer.