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Last night I download the music frost application and installed it. I do not like it and then I uninstalled it from my PC.  But when I open the web browser the music frost toolbar appears and need to get rid of this. How can I do it?


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Hi Margaret R. Huling,

When finish uninstalling it in your pc using control panel and still it is on your browser you can remove it from the tools.

For Google Chrome:

1. Click Customize and control Google chrome (which can be found in the upper left corner of the browser).

2. Click on tools>Extensions

3. On the Extensions tab try to locate that program

4. Click the trashcan icon (Remove from chrome)

5. Confirm Removal by choosing Remove.

For Mozilla firefox

1. Tools>Options

2. Locate General tab>Manage add-ons

3.Click on Extensions.

4. Then press Remove Extension button.

Hope this information helps.

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It is better not to install such toolbars which you don’t want in your browser. Some such toolbars installs as a separate program and can be uninstalled from the control panel.

 Some other installs in as extension and those shall have to be uninstalled from the browsers.


Jackson Paul