Need help about displacement map as3

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Hi guys,

I am learning Flash action script 3. I know there is a filter called displacement map as3 but I have never used it. Please tell me when we use this filter and how we use it. Give me a script sample if you can.


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Need help about displacement map as3




The displacement map filter is a flash built feature that can use for some special effects.

Displacement mapping is a computer graphic technique in contrast bumps mapping, parallax mapping, and normal mapping using texture.

The DisplacementMapFilter uses a pixel values from a Bitmapdata object to perform a displacement effect on a new object.


You should know following components.

Map point: you can use this when you want to apply filter to your image.

X component: which color channel map the image effects the X position of pixel.

Y Component: which color channel of the map image effects the Y position of pixel.

X scale: specify the how strong the X axis displacement.

Y scale: specify the how strong the Y axis displacement.


Example: offset = new flash.geom.point(0,0) – (this will define a new point for the offset of the displacement map)


Displacement_map =new flash.filters.displacementMapfilters(bmp,offset,chaneel)


(This will create the displacement map itself)


Bmp=new flsh.display.bitmapdata(500,250);

(this will draw the displacement map un the bitmap data)


Thanks & Regards


Mckinney Ma

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