The necessity of reporting Windows errors?

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Hi techyv, Do you know how windows always asks you if you would like to report errors?

Then there is this 3 step checklist that appears when they are sending the data.

Is it really necessary to report all problems that you run into.

Just a curious user.

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The necessity of reporting Windows errors?


It is not necessary for the immediate operation of Windows. 

You can disable the Windows Error Reporting (WER) tool. 

However, I would not recommend turning it off because allowing it to report to Microsoft provides major benefits, such as:

a. Your Windows Updates will include fixes for those errors reported in your machines should Microsoft or the makers of the program that crashed find the bug and fix it.

b. You will give all Microsoft Windows users the benefit of a better Windows because once that kind of error is found, a fix or patch will be made for that error so that other users will no longer experience such errors.

Making programs is the easier part of the so-called Software Development Life Cycle.  Maintenance of said programs proves to be the most expensive and the longest part.  And an operating system (such as Windows) is the most complex kind of program common to all computer users. 

A program composed of three lines can have a bug or error, how much more with Windows, which is composed of millions of lines of code!  Finding bugs in it could take years, so Windows is released when many of these bugs are corrected but eventually some will not be found until someone uses it for months and years and encounters errors. The best thing that could be done is if Microsoft could be notified about it, and that is where the Windows Error Reporting (WER) tool is used.

The previous paragraph simplifies the real scenario. In truth, all other programs, not just Windows, can have errors or bugs when they are sold.  So it’s quite a mess when errors or bugs of other programs also add up to the bugs in Windows, and the Windows Error Reporting (WER) tool can help in weeding out these bugs. 

WER can inform Microsoft of the circumstances of such errors, most of which, are too technical for an average computer user to find out. The tool in fact reduced to as much as 80 percent of the complaints or calls for support Microsoft receives.

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The necessity of reporting Windows errors?


Dear Kurt,

I know it hurts to respond and complaint every time to Microsoft when error occurs in Windows.

However, I would like to share with you Microsoft official news that by solving 20% of all reported errors all most 80% of customers are free from these errors and by addressing 1% of the errors almost 50% of customer issues are addressed.

This shows the efficient and timely reporting of issues to Microsoft and their quick response to these errors.

Addressing one such bug might take few minutes to you but could save lot of time of users at large.

Read these official news

Keep addressing!

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