My Windows Media Player Stops Working Because Of Error C00d11ba

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Hi guys, I upgraded my Windows XP to Windows 7 and now my Windows media player is not working due to error C00D11BA. Can you help me with this, please? Thanks.

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Hi Calvin,


   The reason why you get the error C00D11BA is because you did not install the sound card drivers in your computer. You have to install it to remove that error and because you switch your OS from Windows XP to Windows 7. You have to install the sound card drivers for Windows 7 to be able to use again your Windows Media Player. You can download the latest sound drivers by going on this site: just download it and install it to your computer then you can now use again your windows media player and you will not get that error again from your computer when you use again the windows media player.


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Joan Moesca

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That’s right. Error C00D11BA refers to a problem on the sound device like your sound card. If you said you upgraded your operating system to Microsoft Windows 7 from Microsoft Windows XP then it is more like it that your sound card is not yet installed.

Either you have a sound card but you haven’t installed it yet or you totally don’t have a sound card, Windows Media Player will not allow you to play any media if a sound card is not visible in its system. This is the same thing with Real Player which also not allow you to play any media if a sound card doesn’t exist.

The only way to fix it with Windows Media Player is to install a sound card. If you have a sound card either built-in or via the PCI slot, you need to install its drivers. If you are using a laptop, go visit your laptop manufacturer’s website and look for your machine’s sound drivers.

Here, you’ll probably need your laptop’s model number or service tag number to find the drivers specific to your machine. If you have multiple sound cards, the currently selected sound device is probably not working that’s why Windows Media Player is throwing that error. To fix it, you need to select the other sound card in the Windows Media Player settings.

Start Windows Media Player then go to Tools and then Options. Select Devices tab. Select Speakers then click Properties. In Speaker Properties window, under “Sound playback”, select the other sound card from the dropdown list under “Audio device to use” then click OK all throughout. See if this fixes the problem.

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