My router doesn’t connect wireless network. What’s wrong with it?

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I bought a new router. I want to connect a wireless network. I already added new network on my personal computer so that I could use wireless connection. But it doesn't work. What's wrong with it? Can anybody help me on how to connect a wireless network?

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My router doesn’t connect wireless network. What’s wrong with it?


Dear Fried,

  • I am going to tell you that what is the correct way to set up a router for home computer networks. The configuration settings on a network are dependent on the model that it is wireless or wired so you have a wireless..
  • First of all you have to select a  convenient location to start installing your router like open floor space. It doesn't mean to be the permanent location of the device. As you have a wireless router so for the wireless router you must search it necessary that after installing you have to re position the unit.
  • In the start it is  good to select a place where its easy to work with router and worry for final placement later.
  • After that you just plug in the router;s electrical source and by pressing the power button you just turn on the router.
  • If u are done with that now connect you modem to router. Connect your network modem with USB as now a days usb connections become common and cheaper. Cable plugs into the router jack name as [WAN] or [UPLINK].
  • When you connected the cable you just ist turn off and then turn it on again just to make sure that router recognizez it.
  • Now connect your ist computer to router via a network cable. Just once your router installation is completed,the computer can easily be changed to a wireless connection as its your need. After  doing that you just open the router;s administration tool.
  • Just open your web browser from that computer which is connected with your router and then for network administration simple write the routers address in the web address bar after entering that just click return to reach the routers home page. Now just login in to the router .the home page of router will ask you for the username and password which u already have in your;s router documentation. For the security reason just change the password and after doing this just change the network name often called SSID,router will come to you with a name set at factory. Now verify that your networking connection is properly working between your router and your computer.router will send you the Ip address information you just have to confirm that.


  • Now you can connect additional computer to the router but keep one thing in your mind the name of the network of each computer matches that of router. In the end you just have to configure the additional network security features.
  • When you connect the network cables with connecting devices make sure that they there ends are not loose.


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My router doesn’t connect wireless network. What’s wrong with it?


Hello Ney Steele,

Thank you for asking that question. Your problem is all about on how to connect your router from a wireless network. There maybe a problem with the network you want to connect. To set-up a router it must be carefuly configured when they are first installed. Your router must be set-up with an IP address and security features.

I hope this helps you solve your problem. But if still does'nt you must contact right person to set-up for you.



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