My Pc making noise and shut downs

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I have a very old PC with Intel Pentium 3 processor and Intel 815E motherboard. This old guy has served properly till now. But two days ago I heard a noise inside my CPU. After some time it shuts down and the noise stops.

I have no idea why the noise is generating.

Is there any bad effect of the noise?


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My Pc making noise and shut downs


Oh man, you have a PC that must be in the museum now. It is great to hear that this old man is still alive. Ok here is some solution for that old dude.

The problem is your processor is generating excessive heat which crosses the limit of normal. There is some alarm system which work is to make noise when the temperature goes beyond normal. The noise generating in your CPU is that noise.

There is few possible and one horrible way to stop this noise. The horrible one is if you want to run your PC burning the processor, then turn the alarm and shutdown temperature set in the BIOS.

You can turn this off and it will make no noise. But for extreme your processor can be burnt away. Other way is to check your cooling system, clean you fan and if possible add more fans.

If there is some cooling problem then keep the cover of your Chassis open and arrange a proper cooling system.

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My Pc making noise and shut downs


Hay George;

Its seems that your system has its life serving over. There might be many reasons for this noise. First of all you have to trace out that from where these noises are appearing!

It's quite obvious that the noise will get stopped when you shut it down as it's not some alive being that get carried with out electricity lolls. Just kidding. In case if the noise is coming from your power supply, please check that the fan alignment is correct or need to fix it up.

As mostly in old PCs the power supply gets damaged due to long hour usage. Another possibility is the processing fan is not aligned. To fix your problem you first need to find out from where these noises are coming and they troubleshoot it.

Tell if anything else I could provide to help you.

Thanks and have a nice day.   

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