My pc doesn’t start and make a strange sound

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Hello all,

I have a problem with my pc, when I push the button to start it, the central unit starts but the screen shows nothing. Also, the most thing that made me feel choked is that the pc make a continues strange sound that seems to the sound when we have a message  error but it begins and doesn't stop until I shutdown the pc using the push button.

Please help, it's urgent.



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My pc doesn’t start and make a strange sound


May be there is Virus in your computer which is making your computer act strangely. The best solution for this can be totally formatting the C: drive of your hard disk and re installing the operating system again. You can also take your hard disk to another PC and do a virus scan and clean all the viruses. There might be some system files missing in your hard disk which is the reason for your computer not run smoothly. You can take your computer to a technician who will backup all your data and reset everything of your computer.

Thank you

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My pc doesn’t start and make a strange sound


You have a ram problem.

Change your ram and start again.

It will not make strange sounds again.


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My pc doesn’t start and make a strange sound



for the person who said that I have to format my disc I have to say that he didn't read the question. I said that my computer doesn't start, so how can I format it??!!

for the other solution it's really the one that I want, because the RAM was a little bit dirty and needed to be cleaned. I took up the memory, cleaned it and remade it to its place and this worked really beautiful.
Thank you very much for this extra solution.

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My pc doesn’t start and make a strange sound


The sound you are hearing when you start your CPU is the beeping of the motherboard. Every motherboard is built with a tiny speaker soldered to the board. When a computer starts and the BIOS POST screen is good, you will normally hear one short beep before the operating system starts loading. But if there’s a problem in the BIOS, you will hear series of beeps indicating an error.

If the beeping doesn’t stop and you don’t see anything on your screen, you need to check the devices installed on your motherboard. Turn off the CPU then open the CPU case. Now, if you have more than one memory modules, remove one memory module from the memory slot then turn on the CPU. If the beeping stops, reinstall the memory module.

Turn off the CPU then connect the memory module back to the memory slot. After this, turn on the CPU again then see if the beeping comes back. If the beeping disappears, you’re good to go. But if the beeping comes back, remove the memory module you just reinstalled.

To test if the problem is with the memory slot, move the remaining memory module to the slot previously occupied by the memory module you removed. Start the CPU then see if it beeps. If it doesn’t beep, replace the memory module you removed with a new one. But if it beeps again, you probably need to clean the memory slots.

Try using a small vacuum to suck dirt from the slots or use a clean brush to brush the slots. On the other hand, if you only have one memory module, try transferring it to another memory slot then test the CPU.

If you have dedicated expansion cards installed on the board like video card, sound card, or network card, try removing all of them then install back one at a time.

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